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Laser treatment

The word laser is short for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Our dental office uses laser technology mainly in the field of surgery, gum treatment (periodontology) and root canal treatment (endodontics). The laser has proven less suitable for the removal of caries thus far.

In surgery, the laser is used primarily for the removal of skin growths and the removal/transection of labial frenulum.

In periodontology, lasers can be used to clean up gingival pockets. The tissue ablation and bactericidal effects of laser light is especially useful in such treatments.

In root canal treatment, the laser sterilises the tooth's root canals, thereby preventing future infections.

Finally, lasers are also used with an appropriately adjusted wavelength to promote wound healing after surgical operations by means of bio-stimulation. The same is true for the treatment of aphthous (mouth) ulcers and herpes formation in the mouth area.

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