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Digital and three-dimensional radiology

Digital radiology is an imaging technique used to visualise tooth and jaw bone structures. It allows the production of small dental films and large overview radiographs. The images are detailed and available immediately. Patients are exposed to up to 90% less radiation. The former dental film is replaced by a highly sensitive sensor. This serves to actively protect our patients' health. The chemicals previously necessary for developing the film are no longer needed. Our dental office is thus also making an active contribution to protecting the environment.

Digital volume tomography (DVT) is a special development of computed tomography for the dental field. This technique enables us to picture anatomical structures in the entire jawbone area in 3D. DVT imaging, however, requires on average only a quarter of the radiation dose of a CT image.

The 3D representation of the head and jaw structure thus provides the dentist with completely new planning and diagnostic options. DVT is especially helpful for implantology, surgery and periodontology. Surgical procedures have become safer as a result and take less time.

This cutting-edge radiographic method has only been used by very few dental offices in Germany as of yet because of the high investment costs involved. The costs are not covered by statutory health insurance.

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