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Periodontitis (colloquially referred to as periodontal disease) is an inflammatory bacterial disease of the periodontium. It is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. Early detection and treatment of periodontitis is of the utmost importance for the preservation of teeth and health in general. The disease often goes undiagnosed until quite late because it does not cause discomfort and progresses in waves. Bacterial plaque is the main cause of the various forms of periodontitis. The following factors are responsible for the progression of the disease:

Periodontal disease not only damages the tissue supporting the teeth (gums, bone), it also leads to unpleasant mouth odour. Serious systemic diseases may also occur:

These relationships can be clearly and scientifically demonstrated. Consistent and proper treatment of periodontal disease begins with a systematic diagnostic assessment. The next step is professional oral hygiene instruction and dental cleaning. Further treatment measures for the diseased periodontal apparatus are determined only after thorough preoperative care has been provided. Modern treatment methods make it possible to reduce gingival pockets and even regenerate destroyed bone tissue. In difficult cases, targeted antibiotic therapy may even be required based on bacterial testing (DNA probe test). Numerous scientific studies have shown that follow-up care is the decisive factor for lasting treatment success. Regular check-ups accompanied by professional dental cleaning are the cornerstones for maintaining treatment results.

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